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I couldn’t read when I was three years old, but I did love me some books. My poor Mom, Marie, had to read ‘Dorrie and the Weatherbox’ to me approximately 6.3 million times. Per day.

At her wit’s end, she made use of the technology available to her and recorded a mixtape of her reading to me. When I wanted to listen to ‘Dorrie and the Weatherbox,’ I could just push play and guide myself through the story.

She even made a little “Beep!” sound when it was time to turn the page, just like the tapes from the library did. (Come to think of it, maybe Mom missed her calling as a voice-over actress for children’s books.)

Even though I couldn’t read on my own, she made use of all the tools at her disposal to make my experience with books a fantastic one. This program brings that Marie-mixtape-mentality to in-person portrait sales.

Sales Without Shame makes use of all the tools and knowledge at my disposal to make your experience with sales a fantastic one.

You’re not sure of your sales skills, and you could use someone who’s completed hundreds upon hundreds of sales sessions to walk you through the whole process. Planning, prepping, presenting, proofing, and payment are covered in juicy detail.

Twenty bucks, a little prep work, and an hour with your client are all you need to sell portraits effectively.

Yep, you read it right. Twenty bucks, prep work, and sixty minutes with your client. Forget the fancy software, the endless samples, the tricked-out studio space, the epic blocks of selling time, and the projector. They’re not necessary to sell portraits in person — promise!

In Sales Without Shame, you’ll learn:

  • the single most effective way to make your sales sessions worth the time and effort
  • how to prepare for a totally-cheap-but-effective ordering session
  • how to sort the images your clients can’t live without from all the rest in under 15 minutes
  • why the order in which you present your products matters just as much as what you’re selling
  • which questions will help you sell exactly what your client dreams of buying
  • the crucial mindset that will make your sales session run 90% more smoothly
  • how to maximize your sale without upsetting your clients (or yourself!)
  • specific techniques for handling No’s, Huh-uh’s, and No way’s from your clients
  • the order-taking mistake that could sink your whole business
  • the selling tool that’s even better than a discount to get your clients buying like crazy
  • exactly what to say when you hear the words, “That’s too expensive!” (and why those words can be a good thing)
  • a definitive answer to the age-old ‘to spouse, or not to spouse’ ordering session question
  • exactly how to handle requests for discounts at ordering time
  • the one thing that will undo all your hard sales work instantly


Your Sales Without Shame package includes:

  • Sales Without Shame program delivered in PDF format ($399 value)
  • Worksheets to help you prepare for and tweak your sales sessions ($79 value)
  • Reusable forms to walk you through the sales process even if your client is seated next to you ($49 value)
  • Sample-ordering guide for keeping you from spending a dime more than necessary on sample prints and products ($29 value)
  • Handy-dandy sales review for recapping the entire sales process in just a few pages for quick reference ($19 value)


These bonuses are included at no extra charge, my friend!

You’ll learn how to hold in-person sales for your wedding clients. Even if your client has already purchased the CD or an album, we’ll cover simple ways to increase your post-wedding income without using any icky-feeling sales techniques. ($199 value)

Lemme repeat, this bonus teaches you how to sell to clients who have already purchased your wedding package and chosen to work with you.  No more hoping for an album sale or a major portrait purchase after the wedding — Sales Without Shame will walk you through exactly what to do, in what order, with specific objection-handling help I’ve created just for talking to newlyweds.

You’ll also receive audio recordings of Sales Without Shame, just in case you prefer listening to reading. Pop the .mp3′s onto your iPod and listen wherever you’d like. ($49 value)

I’m hooking you up with wall gallery .psd templates to make creating mocked-up wall galleries easy, fast, and free. Gorgeous galleries based on popular image configurations are included, and they’re completely customizable to your brand. ($79 value)

Finally, I convinced Jenika McDavitt of Psychology for Photographers fame to pen a guest lecture outlining key ways to separate your work from your worth. If you’ve ever heard the words “That’s too expensive” but felt like your clients were saying “You’re too expensive,” this bonus will knock your socks off. ($39 value)


Hold on a sec! That mixtape didn’t stand a chance.

At age four, I’d gotten so confident with my newfound ‘reading’ abilities that I dubbed over Mom’s recording of ‘Dorrie and the Weatherbox’ with my own version of the story.

Just as I found the confidence to use Mom’s mixtape as a starting point for putting my own spin on the world of books, I hope Sales Without Shame will help you create smart, savvy, true-to-you sales sessions.

You can do this, and I’m here to help you every step of the way. I’ve been right where you are, and selling gets easier and more rewarding with practice. Promise.

The getting started with selling is the hardest part, and we’ve got that covered.

Priced a la carte, you’d be paying over $900 to get your hands on all the elements of the Sales Without Shame program. Because I want to help you change the practices and mindsets that keep you from earning as much as you’re worth, Sales Without Shame doesn’t cost anywhere close to that.

Consider that the average photographer doubles his or her sales average by beginning to sell in person. That means you’re losing hundreds of dollars each and every time you post an online gallery.

As I’ve said, Sales Without Shame takes everything I know about in-person portrait sales and breaks it into simple, inexpensive steps.

Concerned that your pricing will keep this from working? Whether you sell $8 or $80 8×10′s, Sales Without Shame will help you increase the size of your average portrait sale and boost your confidence, too. No price tweaking necessary.

Not ready for a projector and fancy software? Portrait selection software ($418), nifty software templates ($150), and a projector ($899) ring in at $1467, but I’ll help you hold an in-person portrait sales session with less than $20 in supplies. Yes, for real. To try out the free Sales Without Shame sampler before investing in the full program, just click here.

Speaking of projectors… Sales Without Shame is specifically designed to get you over your worries and hang-ups about selling in person, then get you out there selling without investing an arm and a leg.  Comparable products that feature case studies using templates, software, laptops, iPads, a projector, and/or a projector screen require a large investment ($1500+) to use effectively.

Scared to start? I’ll walk you through exactly what’s going to happen and we’ll tackle each step together. Take a deep breath and listen to the Welcome audio. Then press “Play” on the next audio file. Before you know it, we’ll have covered everything you need to know!

Comparing products and want to know if this one is right for you? Take a quick look at the other product you’re considering — see if projectors, projector screens, software, and/or product templates are recommended for the sales process. If yes, you’re looking at spending hundreds more dollars in addition to buying that product. Sales Without Shame is a complete, done-for-you way to enter the world of selling your photography in person.

Sure this won’t work because you’re not a ‘typical’ photographer? Any commissioned photography — from family to boudoir, newborn to maternity, even wedding to event — will benefit from the techniques included in Sales Without Shame. If clients hire you to create artwork on their behalf, this program can help your business immensely.

Prefer listening to reading? I’ve read the whole program aloud, Marie-style.  (Yes, my Mom is so proud.)

Don’t have the money? Grab the free sampler, start selling in person, and make the money. It’s literally as simple as that — tons of free-downloading-peeps have reported making hundreds and even thousands of dollars from their first in-person sale.

What if your willingness to do a little prep work and spend an additional hour with each client could double (or triple or quadruple) your portrait sales?

Sales Without Shame will help you work through your selling fears and hang-ups, then focus on making your clients happier than they dreamed possible.

The sigh of relief you’ll enjoy from experiencing less frustration with the sales process, fewer clients missing order deadlines, and dramatically-increased business revenue is worth a boatload of money. Maybe even two boatloads. But it doesn’t cost a boatload.

I want you to devour the Sales Without Shame program for way less than the price of attending a workshop, which would be at least $2,000, plus airfare ($300+), 3 nights of hotel ($500+), 3 days of restaurant meals and drinks ($250+), and let’s be honest, new outfits and accessories so you look fantastic while you’re on your trip ($150+).  A sales workshop, all told, would cost you at least $3,200 — plus three days away from your business and family.

Sales Without Shame rings in at $447, meaning you pay less than 15% of the cost of a comparable sales workshop for instant access to the program. 

No babysitters, no hassle, just you and learning about sales, baby!

As always, thanks for reading and considering Sales Without Shame for your business. If you’ve got a question that hasn’t been answered, please e-mail and the Brand Camp team will take care of you!

I truly hope the Sales Without Shame sampler serves you, ’cause there’s amazing stuff in there.  Grab it here if you haven’t already.

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